In August of 2005 I told my brother in law (Bud Shaffer) that I was going to buy a house with a two car garage.  The first thing he said was "You should build an airplane!".   The second thing he said was "It ought to be an RV".  So, after almost 3 years of looking at different airplane kits I have bought an RV12 for my "garage project".  Since I am retired it is a great way to spend my free time.  I love to work with my hands and find it very good "therapy".

So, here is the skinny on my garage.  Typical two car 20 x 20 foot.

I installed shelving for storage on the right wall, then installed sliding doors.  I found the sliding door hardware at  The tool boxes on the left are from Sears and double as stands for my stationary tools (lath, milling maching, drill press, belt sander, grinding wheel).  The workbench was sized to fit the free area (3 x 7 feet).  I did leave room to pull either of my cars into the garage in case I need to work on one of them.  Under the metal wall cabinet on the far wall is a wooden rack on wheels that I use to store thin materials, plywood, sheet metal, etc.  This is where my wing skins ended up.  The futon is for a break now and then and also great for reading the plans.  Next to the futon is a computer station that is on wheels.  The floor is painted with Griot's Garage epoxy floor paint.  If you paint the floor, keep the left over.  I occasionally touch up nicks that occur.