This is a builders log and includes information that will help you build, or decide to build, the RV-12.

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Last update on  07/02/2008 11:48 AM

Note: Frame on left is now functional.  Content will be added asap to fill out these web pages.  I have lots to upload, but it takes time to get the material organized.   In the meantime, check the YouTube links on the Misc page...coooooool stuff!


Also, as a preview, I want to say that I have some unique information to share with you and I hope that not only will it be useful, but also entertaining.  On of the more interesting topics to come is how to "Measure the orthogonal distortion of your rivet squeezer"  I also want to show you some slick tricks for de-burring the RV12 ribs...stay tuned and keep checking back!!!


email me for more information....agilmore@mail.com